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The Sustainable Edge Network for Generative AI and Web 3 Applications and Services

CPUcoin is building the infrastructure to enable true decentralization required to power Web 3

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Our Mission is to help save the planet one miner at a time

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You can buy CPUcoin to use in our network at exchanges or via , , UniSwap Dex . CPUcoin pays miners DIRECTLY in your exchange wallets for achieving workloads for enterprise dApps and dServices.

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As we are in Testnet currently, we provide free CPUcoin with partner incentives with BOINC installation. If you see our vision, you can buy a miner subscription to earn more CPUcoin per day and vest your bonus.

Tweekit dApp from Equilibrium

The first in a series of dApps, TweekIt was created by Equilibrium our first dApp publisher to use the CPUcoin CGN to provide dynamic imaging services at a fraction of the cost of any cloud service provider.


What is CPUcoin

CPUcoin is developing the
Computing Global Network or CGN.

This decentralized Infrastructure-as-a-Service solution drastically reduces cloud infrastructure costs by creating a new sharing economy for unused CPU/GPU power.

Our technology enables anyone to install our miner client and collect funds for their unused compute time.

The CGN effectively eliminates the hassle and high expenses associated with provisioning, managing and scaling applications on a global scale.

Think of us as the “Airbnb” for CPU/GPU compute power and a platform for automatically deploying and scaling Decentralized Services and DApps.

A new certified utility token called CPUcoin will enable any-sized organizations to pay as they go.

Today’s massive adoption of cloud-based client-server applications be it web-based software, software installed on PC’s or one of the 2-3 million mobile apps available, has resulted in tremendous growth of the need for cloud infrastructure, required to reliably operate the services that power these applications.

Problem State

Problems related to global compute infrastructure

Inefficiency of consumption

Reliable compute infrastructure is costly to acquire and operate. This results in difficult-to-meet needs commonly shared by businesses that sell internet-based applications and services.

Data centers have huge capital costs associated with their sophisticated operational systems. Cloud infrastructure services, themselves hosted in data centers, have the same underlying expense structure and are usually even more costly to use.

Untapped supply of capacity

Inefficiency of utilization

There exists a vast amount of untapped global CPU power in the form of computers that sit idle or are not fully in use.

These are computers worldwide that are powered on 24 hours a day, but which sit idle most of the time, not being asked to do any work.

Often these computers are spare capacity servers kept online and ready for use, but other types of resources often run underutilized.


Introducing the Computing Global Network

A cutting-edge infrastructure-as-a-service solution which taps into the growing amount of global unused compute resources and restructures them into a vast, highly scalable, reliable, edge-capable, CDN-compatible, robust network of highly available compute resources.

  • A flexible, scalable, pay-per-use distributed server infrastructure with edge connectivity
  • Offering businesses a system for reliably operating enterprise-grade services
  • Delivers a wide range of applications and services to end users
  • Powered by a new utility token and backed by the Blockchain
  • A new ecosystem ignited by reclaiming vast amounts of idle CPU power and putting it to work

Main Features

The CPUcoin CGN solution is a complex cutting-edge B2B IaaS solution which enables a CPU-powered sharing economy for everybody.

The miner ships with the first dService MediaGen

Highly Scalable
The first dService can process fast with low compute

Zero fixed recurring costs, higher miner yields

Enterprise-class edge ready services

Enables miners to make more with less

Support for microservices, DeFi

How we hit the ground running

Time Tested Technology Used by the Global 2000

  • To ensure adoption, CPUcoin will kick start the ecosystem through a cross-licensing deal with Equilibrium
  • Equilibrium will port its battle-tested MediaGen image processing services to run as the first DService.
  • This will put the following enterprise users onto the CPUcoin Content Generation Network upon release
  • Mediarich will provide an initial major user for the service, while working hard to drive continued adoption and growth of the ecosystem through a plan to port an ever-increasing number of applications to run in the CGN

Creating a sharing economy

CPUcoin (ticker symbol CPU) is a decentralized cryptocurrency that is equivalent to a specific deflation-adjusted amount of computational
power having no central owner. CPUcoin is used as a means of transacting computational and other resources within the CGN platform and  also is how the CGN delivers miner payments. Our mining is much more efficient and therefore can be installed on personal computers, laptops and even tablets. CPUcoin enables the network to run autonomously and can be used as a medium of exchange for other currencies.

A new utility token called CPUcoin will enable any customer to pay as they go. As the native currency of the CGN, it will be used to pay for all consumption of services, as well as being used to pay out to the many providers of idle computer time.

This levels the playing field for any sized organization to make scalable client/server apps without all the upfront infrastructure costs.

CPUcoin will isolate end users from price fluctuations so that the service will not increase in price if it appreciates in value.

CPUcoin will do this by pricing our services in fiat currency, and actively converting between fiat currency and on behalf of users of the system. In the future, we expect to accept many other crypto currencies and make the exchange seamless for all customers.


We are defining one CPUcoin as being equivalent to the amount of computational resources that could be purchased for €1.00 on AWS on January 31, 2020. See White Paper for further details on CPUcoin equivalency to computational resources .

Getting tokens and Token Usage

Private Sale / Token Swaps
Available for larger token buyers who have vision and believe in the future of blockchain and the sharing economy that we are spearheading.  We also have a budget for strategic token swaps.
Please Contact:
CPUcoin (CPU) is available for trade on ProBit Exchange 
Trading Pairs:

Token Allocation

Allocation of funds


Read Our Documents

Here is our documents list which will help you to gain a deep
understanding of the entire CPUcoin project.

White Paper
One Pager
Slide Deck
Security & Data
Flow Document

Road Map

The CPUcoin team subscribes to the following high-level overview roadmap, which shows estimates for several key milestones.

2018 Q1
Concept Development
  • Concept design of hybrid decentralized architecture
  • Team Assemble
2018 Q2
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Strategic Plan
2018 Q3
White Paper Creation
  • Technical White Paper
  • Business Model
  • Token Model
2018 Q4
Release POC
  • Open beta launch to public
  • CGN Proof of Concept Completion
2019 Q2
Release CGN Testnet
  • CGN Testnet Stage 1 release
2019 Q2
Private Sale Tranche
  • 50% Bonus Tokens
2019 Q3
IEO Presale
  • Up to 25% Bonus Tokens
  • Quantity Bonus
2019 Q3
Multiple Exchange Listings
  • IEO Press Tour
  • Open Trade of CPU Coin Token on Multiple Exchanges
2019 Q3
CPUcoin CGN Miner Release
  • Public CGN Miner Download Available
  • Download Miner and Earn CPUcoin
2020 Q1
Open CGN to third party contributors
  • Integration of third party miners into network
2019 Q4
Main Net Development
  • Concept design of fully decentralized architecture
2020 Q1
Release First CGN Build
  • Without Third Party Contributors
2020 Q2
Launch BOINC Partnership
  • Accelerate COVID-19 Research
2021 Q1
Launch first DService /DApp
  • "TweekIT Developer Focused Image JetPack launch to drive adoption of CPUcoin
2022 Q1
Release Linux Miner OS version
  • Release Linux Miner
  • Shipped Ubunto Feb 5th 2022!
2022 Q4
Launch miner dashboard
  • Release Self-Service CPUcoin Accounts
  • For Reviewing Holdings, Transferring
  • to Exchanges, System and Miner Status
2023 Q1
Deploy First Generative AI GPU Miners
  • Enable Stable Diffusion (1.x/2.x)
  • Create rated GPU payout models for our GPU Miners
2023 Q2
Launch first SaaS Service with Partner
  • Provide elegant easy-to-use API’s for anyone to use
  • Integrate into embeddable widget
  • has been upgraded and is available at
2023 Q3
Announce Tier1 Node Selection
  • Announced selection of in Sept 2022
  • Announced’s selection of CPUcoin as their Ledge Network
  • Began deployment of 10 Tier1 Nodes at CPUcoin’s Datacenter
2023 Q4
Deploy First Generative AI GPU Miners
  • Start Token Raise to Grow Team
  • Enable text to image/ image to image api support
  • Create rated GPU payout models for our GPU Miners
  • Complete Tier1 Node Deployment
2024 Q1
Release First integrations
  • Start GPU support effort for Apple
  • Connect Nameservice
  • Enable on-chain CPUcoin payouts via new bridgeless multi-chain wallet
  • Finalize web wallet capability
2024 Q2
Release GPU support on Windows and Linux Miner
  • Release Alpha Generative AI Application and API’s
  • Add support for Apple M1, M2, M3 Silicon and MAC OS Miner
  • Begin team expansion post financing
2024 Q3
Launch Expanded NFT service
  • Enable High Definition NFT content ingestion,Viewing, Decentralized Original Asset Storage Prepare Assets for Persistence
2024 Q4
Initial DAO Specification Release
  • We Are The Missing Middleware
  • Layer to Power dApps and dServices
  • Which Can Persist Into Any Future
  • We have Selected as the DAO Platform
2025 Q2-Q4
Launch Main Net 1.0
  • Support for Tiered Third Party Miners
  • WASM Miner Support
  • DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) TestNet Release
  • Preparation, CGN Expansion to Mobile

Frequently asked questions

Below we’ve provided a bit of Solution, Technical and IEO related questions and answers

CPUcoin is developing a first-of-its-kind Content Generation Network (CGN). A unique, flexible, and scalable Infrastructure as a Service offering targeted at the needs of B-to-B. A distributed system for delivering services that power DApps (Decentralized Applications) – both consumer AND enterprise-class. The CGN is a general-purpose ecosystem, uniquely architected to excel in providing services that meet demand in real-time, processing requests to perform the specialized work needed to generate and deliver vast amounts of content consumed by DApps globally. The CGN ecosystem is exclusively powered by a new utility token called CPU Coin (Ticker symbol: CPU)

What makes the CGN unique is its design that capitalizes on the vast amount of unused CPU power available across the globe, enabling a new sharing economy for CPU resources. The CGN amasses a pool of compute resources of unknown and inconsistent availability and reshapes that into a massive, powerful and coherent infrastructure service, one which provides overall consistent availability and excellent performance. Due to the relatively low value associated with idle CPU power, we can offer a lower cost means of delivering services. We have coined the term DService (Decentralized Server Application) to mean any service built or adapted to run in the CGN.

We currently have a private sale option. Please email directly for participation details. Please no solicitations or marketing proposals. Serious token buyers only will be reviewed.

The Content Generation Network will be launching with a built-in customer base. This will ensure full adoption of the network from day one.  The first decentralized service to run on the CGN, MediaRich, currently powers multiple Fortune 500 companies including Walmart, Adidas, Warner Bros, Sony Pictures and The Department of Energy. The MediaRich core technology has over $100MM invested in R&D alone to date.

Yes! We will use a readily available, scalable off-chain time-series database system to store microtransactions, and strategically connect it to the Ethereum blockchain. This solution will provide the performance and throughput benefits of a time series database, with all the benefits of proof of correctness of the blockchain. We are confident that we can create a system that is tightly scoped to our needs that will not be complex to design, build and deploy.

In a client-server implementation, this is the server component. It is a piece of server software developed to run within the CGN environment. The DService executes requests made to it in accordance with a well-defined API that it exposes, and performs all forms of specialized, compute-intensive work tailored to the needs of a specific DApp or family of DApps.

A US-based company engaged in the business of developing and providing premises and cloud-based media processing software. Equilibrium has an established product family and has spent years building product demand and has also built a significant established user base. Equilibrium wishes to expand the reach and capacity of its product line by being among the first to make use of the CGN, DApps and DServices to provide global, highly scalable image processing services in compelling new ways.

The first DService, licensed from Equilibrium and built on proven technology. MediaGen DService will leverage the CGN to provide the services layer needed to power the MediaGen family of DApps and client applications. The MediaGen DService operating within the CGN ecosystem, will provide the services for performing general purpose, near real-time request handling for image, animation, font, audio/video, dynamic processing and rendering operations.

For contrast, content Delivery Networks (CDN’s) are an existing technology designed to decentralize the delivery of static assets to client applications (such as Web browsers, but also DApps) so that end users are always able to access Web assets from a server geographically close to their computer. This greatly shortens traffic roundtrip times and improves the user experience. This also helps manage load spikes on the central asset storage and delivery mechanism when many users around the globe try to request the same asset simultaneously. The CGN differs from a CDN in that the CGN emphasizes generation rather than distribution. The CGN is a breakthrough technology that, for the first time ever, applies the principles of a CDN to dynamic content, decentralizing its generation, and ensuring consumers of dynamic content will be ability to obtain custom-generated assets as quickly as possible from a server in close geographic proximity to their computer.

The CGN by design is also CDN-compatible, meaning that the CGN itself can be wrapped by a CDN for even more robustness. The pairing of a CDN with the CGN yields both benefits, with the CDN preventing re-generation of the same content repeatedly, and allowing the delivery of the underlying dynamic content to also benefit from additional distributed, global caching by the CDN. This can relieve the CGN of unnecessary computation load caused by redundant regeneration of identical content

We will offer 5,000,000,000 (five billion) tokens.

The purpose of this stage is the early raising of funds to fund initial development of the project, and to operate the team and take the project through completion of the IEO. This portion of the crowd sale will be offered to a small number of qualified token buyers who will also offer their own expertise and guidance to help the project succeed through the IEO. For private sale inquiries please contact us at - Important: Only send from your company email address.

An Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) relies on having an exchange (or set of exchanges) function as a counter-party. Developers mint the project’s tokens and send them to the exchange, which will then sell the tokens to individual contributors for Ether, USDT or BTC.

The market price set on the day of launch on the specific exchange.

You should not be a citizen, a (permanent)resident(by any means), a green card holder, or a person with any type of residential certificate of any of following countries: Algeria Bangladesh Bolivia (Plurinational State of) Cayman Islands (the) China Cuba Ecuador Iran (Islamic Republic of) Iraq Korea (the Democratic People's Republic of) Libya Macedonia (the former Yugoslav Republic of) Morocco Nepal Pakistan Seychelles Sri Lanka United States of America (the) Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) (i) Countries that forbide taking part in buying tokens by any laws, legal acts, rules, agreements, and/or regulations (ii) or may recognize selling token same as selling stock or financial services

This is TBD for the next round

Bonus tokens will be locked for 90 days

This is TBD. A new Round is coming at multiple exchanges.

Yes! CPUcoin is currently trading on ProBit Exchange

CPUcoin (CPU) currently has the following trading pairs: USDT/CPU KRW/CPU

ProBit Exchange has propelled to the top-100 cryptocurrency exchange on CoinMarketCap. ProBit Exchange is built by tech experts and has created a customizable interface for trading. The exchange boasts order-matching speeds of over 1.5 million orders per second. ProBit was recently rated as one of the top 30 safest exchanges worldwide.

To access the latest version of the miner please go to

No. The miner currently supports Windows only.

We highly encourage everybody to update to the newest version of the CPUcoin CGN Miner. How to update: First, uninstall the miner from your device and subsequently reinstall the miner using a download from this location. 

If you experience any issues during the install process or in general, or if you want to share an idea for a new feature or enhancement, please create a bug submission here:

Miners will be able to earn up to a maximum of 1 CPU per 24 hours, depending on how many hours the miner is actively running. Miners can additionally keep track of their daily earnings by accessing their CPUcoin wallet in QoinPro.  We encourage everybody to keep the miner running as much as possible and track it on the CPucoin dashboard which can be located here:

We encourage everybody to their own miner on the CPUcoin dashboard which can be located here:

Please keep in mind that this is early software, so expect frequent updates. From time to time you may be asked to download and update the miner software again. To continue earning CPUcoin, please continue to help us test by staying current with miner updates.

Probit is a top 30 global coin-to-coin cryptocurrency exchange. CPUcoin has partnered with ProBit to be a trusted CPUcoin (CPU) wallet provider. Using the ProBit wallet solution will enable you to earn CPU directly into your ProBit Exchange wallet, thus allowing you to transact or trade CPU for USDT (Tether).

CPUcoin currently supports two wallet providers. QoinPro and ProBit. Previously, CGN miners were limited to earning up to 1 CPU per 24 hours. Now, CGN Miners who are running either Rosetta@home or IBM World Community will increase their earning rates by 100% - earning up to 2 CPU per 24 hours. In other words, the additional BOINC/COVID-19 reward is on top of the current free earning limit. It is also worth noting that miners are free to run multiple miner instances under the same email (account) - so earnings can be multiplied depending on how many machines you have at your disposal.

CPUcoin (CPU) can currently be traded for USDT (Tether) on ProBit Exchange.

No. CPUcoin has architected the CGN Miner to be extremely efficient when it comes to utilizing CPU. The first dService is a dynamic imaging server that operates very fast and can process large amounts of assets in seconds. By enabling dApps that use the global network of CPU’s in a stateless way, and that also isolates and limits how many cores are available to it, the impact on BOINC performance is negligible. We recommend trying out the miner for yourself and seeing first hand how low impact it has on overall performance.

One of CPUcoins first enterprise customers is a company in the Bay Area called Equilibrium. Equilibrium has pioneered technology including dynamic imaging, batch processing of images and digital transformation in general. This service does require LibreOffice for certain work aspects, However, it is very important to note that LibreOffice is only used for a minuscule amount of work tasks, and is for the vast majority of the time not running at all. CPUcoin has specifically designed the CGN Miner to be extremely efficient when it comes to CPU.

The overarching intention of the BOINC initiative is to incentivize current and future miners to join the BOINC network and conduct meaningful work towards combating COVID-19. We do this by paving a path for current BOINC users to further monetize their hardware assets. That what a true sharing economy is all about. Lastly, we have spoken with BOINCS founder, Dr. David Anderson, who has expressed a desire for the BOINC network to be used for other computational tasks outside the realm of scientific research. As CPUcoin is mainly working with B2B enterprises, both parties saw this partnership as an opportunity for BOINC to explore new opportunities in relation to using the network for other tasks than long running scientific jobs.

Miners must run one of two integrated COVID-19 related projects. Rosetta@Home or IBMs World Community Grid as these projects are focused on combating COVID-19. For example running the "OpenPandemics - COVID-19" application on World Community Grid would enable you to earn 1 extra CPUcoin in addition to the 1 free CPUcoin for testnet miners (2 CPU per 24 hours total)

The CGN Miner is designed from the beginning to be a "set it and forget it" type application. Far to many applications in the cryptocurrency space are targeted technology minded people, and this had created high barriers to entry when it comes to running cryptocurrency mining applications. Our goal was to simply the miner as much as possible so that anybody can download it, run it, and start monetizing a hardware asset which would normally be doing nothing. Note: The team are designing an authentication system which will allow for more customization and detailed settings in future miner versions.

No, the CGN Miner is an enterprise class miner. It is designed to run stateless, near to real time jobs at very fast speeds. The BOINC integration is simply our attempt to incentivize current and future CGN Miners with additional cryptocurrency (CPU) to do meaningful and important work to combat and accelerate research towards COVID-19.


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