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At CPUcoin, we're excited to offer new and seasoned miners an extraordinary chance to amplify their earnings. Dive into the world of cryptocurrency mining with our annual CPUcoin Miner Software Subscription. This exclusive opportunity will boost your daily earnings and sprinkle your mining journey with additional bonus rewards.
A Year of Enhanced Earnings Awaits
Choosing our Subscription means selecting a gateway to increased profitability. Upon purchase, we will elevate your most active miner to a superior payout rate, effective for the upcoming year. Imagine a year where your dedication rewards you with increased coin accrual from mining activities and culminates in a significant bonus as the subscription period concludes. Double your rewards, double your excitement!
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Important Considerations:

Maximize Your Mining: The boost in CPU accrual is exclusively available through the use of the CGN miner. It’s crucial to understand that active participation is the key to unlocking your earning potential. Our mantra? Mine, mine, mine! Don’t forget: Increased CPU accrual ONLY works if you are RUNNING the CGN miner.
PLEASE NOTE: Once these steps have been completed, you can now use the SAME EMAIL and install and register additional miners so they ALL show up in the Admin Dashboard. By doing it this way, your rewards will all show up together. (Unless you desire to do this for separate accounts for personal reasons.) Don't forget, we ONLY UPGRADE the number of Miners in accordance with the number of subscriptions you purchase. Otherwise we will upgrade the most active miners with your subscription plan (ie. if you have 3 miners and one subscription ONLY 1 MINER WILL BE UPGRADED!)
Compatibility Notice: The CGN miner currently supports Windows 7 through Windows 11, tablet devices, and Windows Server 2012 to 2022, alongside select LINUX distributions. Please note that macOS and mobile devices are not yet compatible with our software.

Offers & Subscription

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  • Increases daily CPU earn rate to 15 CPU per day
  • 5,000 Bonus CPU with 1 Year Lockup




  • Increases daily CPU earn rate to 40 CPU per day
  • 12,500 Bonus CPU with 1 Year Lockup




  • Increases daily CPU earn rate to 100 CPU per day
  • 30,000 Bonus CPU with 1 Year Lockup




  • Increases daily CPU earn rate to 500 CPU per day
  • 100,000 Bonus CPU with 1 Year Lockup



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Bonus Tokens
& Lockup Information

Purchasing a miner software subscription provides a bonus at the end of 1 year subscription period automatically in your ETH wallet address of choice. This is provided and sent separately into a standard ERC-20 wallet.

For example, if you purchase the Silver Subscription, you will receive 30,000 bonus CPU tokens. These CPU tokens will automatically unlock in your ERC-20 Wallet 1 year after your subscription is purchased.


Terms and Conditions

Admin Dashboard

Please make sure to create your Admin Dashboard Account HERE to store your earnings while mining with CPUcoin's CGN Miner, and ensure you use the same email address during Miner software installation. All your CPUcoin holdings shall be accrued and kept in a CPUcoin trust wallet in the Admin Dashboard. Once the connection to external wallet providers or exchanges is re-established, your holdings will be available for transfer to the partnered providers and exchanges. Thank you for understanding; during this time, there may be blackout periods for CPUcoin's testnet where your coins cannot be exchanged. Any delay in delivery shall not constitute a reason for refund under any circumstances.

Important: To properly earn CPUcoin, the email used for your registered miners must match the email address for your Admin Dashboard account. This way, your CPUcoin wallet will collect your daily miner CPUcoin accrual for later redistribution.

No Refunds

Except as expressly provided herein, all payments under this Agreement will be irrevocable, non-refundable, and non-creditable. Once your bonus CPUcoins are delivered to the address provided by you there is no way to change or modify such token delivery for your software and CPU time contribution. Important: Only one subscription per ETH address is allowed to earn the Token Bonus.

If you would like multiple Miner’s earning bonus Tokens, you MUST order each separately AND provide a different ETH address per Miner for your locked Bonus Tokens.

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