The DService

We have coined the term “DService” to describe the services component of cloud-based applications and DApps that run in the CGN. Anybody will be able to develop their own DService and run it in the CGN.

The DService executes requests made to it in accordance to a well-defined API that it exposes, and performs all forms of specialized, compute-intensive work tailored to the needs of a specific DApp or family of DApps.

There are two main components of a DService: The DService implementation itself, and the package of modules that enables the DService to communicate with a CGN and work with the broker.

We will provide a simple API for the DService. Basically, it will be a simple handler of HTTP requests, offering at least one endpoint, but potentially many.

The DService has full control over the format of the URL (other than the domain), and URL paths can be utilized to distinguish different types of service request from one another, allowing many types of request to be made to a single DService.


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