The CGN is designed with speed in mind. This meant we had overcome the problematic transaction rate limitations currently posed by blockchain technologies while partnering with best of breed companies to provide any coin conversion into CPU Coin.

We do this by implementing a state-of-the-art blockchain-anchored microtransaction system. This system frees up the traditional costly time delays and enables us to provide a server layer so fast that applications will be able to make requests to services and get responses in near real-time.

This enables our new DServices connected to DApps and web applications to be fast, scalable and to utilize any type of compute resources available on a proximity basis.

We will utilize a model where worker nodes request or “pull” work from the broker. This contrasts with a “push” model where the broker submits work out to the worker node. This request-driven approach is resilient to failures due to worker nodes that have gone down because a down node would simply stop requesting work. This also tends to reward the most eager, actively available worker nodes with new work the quickest.

While the CGN can be used to power long-running jobs like video transcoding and CGI rendering, we have taken the technology a step further by solving the one problem no other solution is addressing: support for microservices.


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