Contributing entities and worker nodes

Nearly a hundred million servers and more than two billion PC’s and mobile devices are powered on and running at any given time, with roughly 30% of those resources sitting idle at any given moment. The amount of powerful, available but untapped compute power is so vast, it’s difficult to grasp.

We will construct the regional CGN to be capable of issuing a heavy workload to a very large number of worker nodes. We will build the CGN such that Contributors may choose to contribute available CPU power and extra bandwidth from their otherwise idle CPU.

This will be done in the form of a worker node, that runs the DServices worker Node software on the contributor’s own hardware. Their node then joins the closest regional CGN and participates by requesting to perform work on behalf of the CGN. One component of the CGN, called the Broker, is responsible for matching incoming work to participating worker nodes.

We will provide worker node installation software which will be publicly available and easy-to-find. The software will run on most popular operating systems, ensuring low barriers for entry when becoming a Contributing Entity. This will be delivered in the form of a downloadable installer application that installs the worker node software as a pre-packaged Docker container.


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