Computing for a Cause: CPUcoin and BOINC to Power COVID-19 Research through IBM World Community Grid and Rosetta@home

 Incentivizing social responsibility, BOINC and CPUcoin partner to let you earn cryptocurrency while supporting COVID-19 research

CPUcoin (, developers of the sharing economy for computing power, today announced a new program that incentivizes social responsibility to support COVID-19 research, by simply providing access to unused computing power. The process is straightforward: Download and install CPUcoin’s CGN Miner and BOINC, then select from two COVID-19 research projects, IBM World Community Grid and Rosetta@home, and start earning cryptocurrency automatically. CPUcoin provides the infrastructure that allows corporations to support COVID-19 research with the transparency and efficiency enabled by blockchain technology. 

“BOINC is pleased to partner with CPUcoin on this initiative,” said Dr. David P. Anderson, director of the BOINC project at U.C. Berkeley and inventor of SETI@home. “Combining cryptocurrency mining and scientific computing – in this case to accelerate COVID-19 research – can be a big win for computer owners, for scientists, and ultimately for everyone.”

This earning program is the result of an integration with the BOINC system. BOINC lets users support scientific research by running computing jobs safely and invisibly on their computer. Launched in 2004, BOINC now has about 30 active science projects and runs on nearly 800,000 computers worldwide. 

When running in sync, CPUcoin’s CGN miner automatically detects when a user is supporting COVID-19 BOINC projects, and rewards them with extra CPUcoin each day. CPUcoin is a utility token that can be traded for other digital assets including USDT, BTC and ETH on ProBit Exchange

“Stopping the spread of COVID-19 goes beyond wearing a mask. We need to support vital research to prevent and treat this disease. CPUcoin is doing this by incentivizing existing BOINC clients and CPUcoin Miners to focus on the current Covid-19 research projects available, Rosetta@home and IBM World Community Grid,” said Sean Barger, Managing Director of CPUcoin. “This program enables participants to now earn CPUcoin and existing CPUcoin miners to increase their daily CPUcoin accrual rates by supporting vital research. We are putting our CPU capacity to work through this incentive program to help accelerate research that could have taken many years. Our infrastructure also provides the opportunity for corporations to donate funds to incentivize these programs with full transparency.” 

The CGN Miner automatically rewards BOINC users who are participating in either the Rosetta@home or IBM World Community Grid projects. IBM World Community Grid focuses on predicting the effectiveness of particular chemical compounds as possible treatments for COVID-19. Rosetta@home focuses on researching proteins that comprise the novel Coronavirus to produce therapeutics and diagnostics. CPUcoin is able to automatically onboard new COVID-19 related BOINC projects as they arise. 

CPUcoin plans to collaborate with corporations and government leaders to reward users for supporting research through this program.  Because CPUcoin can automatically track when users’ computer power supports specific BOINC projects, they can help third parties support COVID-19 research with efficiency and transparency. If you are interested in partnering with CPUcoin to accelerate COVID-19 research, please contact us. 

About CPUcoin

CPUcoin is a cutting edge decentralized Infrastructure-as-a-Service that offsets cloud infrastructure costs and lets users earn money with their CPU/GPU power. CPUcoin pulls together unused cloud resources and restructures them into a highly scalable, affordable, reliable and secure network of CPU compute resources. 


BOINC is an open-source software platform for high-throughput computing using volunteer consumer devices such as desktop and laptop computers, tablets, and Android phones. It supports virtualized, parallel, and GPU-based applications. About 30 projects use BOINC to investigate diseases, study global warming, discover pulsars, and do many other types of scientific research. The BOINC project is located at the University of California, Berkeley, with funding primarily from the National Science Foundation.

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