What does one CPU get you?

We have defined one CPUcoin token as being equivalent to the amount of computational resources that could be purchased for €1.00 on AWS On Demand.

  • AWS OnDemand is for 24/7 server availability regardless if used or not.
  • AWS Lambda is pay as you go and is almost 5 times more expensive then OnDemand.
  • The sharing economy of CPUcoin provides up-to 4.5X the throughput of AWS Lambda and grants exponentially greater value than AWS OnDemand

Private Sale Pricing

To competitively price our Private sale we are making 50 million Tokens available at €0.15 per token plus 50% bonus tokens. All tokens are combined and have a 12 month unlock period starting immediately upon purchase. See Private Sale Agreement for further details. 
 This is your opportunity to engage the CPUcoin team to participate in the Private Sale just before we launch our token on exchanges. Please email ieo@cpucoinor call +1 (415) 886–8284 directly for participation details.