New Utility Pricing Model for Dyncoin

As the native currency of the Content Generation Network, Dyncoin will be the digital asset used to pay for consumption of services, as well as for making payouts to providers of idle compute power. is excited to present our pricing model for the Dyncoin utility token.

We are defining one Dyncoin as being equivalent to the amount of computational resources that could be purchased for €1.00 on AWS on January 31, 2019. That results in the following amount of resources per coin:

Dyncoin equivalency to computational resources

We intend to price Dyncoin competitively. This is done by offering a limited number of tokens for sale in a series of tranches. Additional bonus tokens will be granted in the private & presale tranches.

In each tranche, the Dyncoin token will be offered for sale at a set price, with clearly stated rules around how bonus tokens will be granted. Please refer to our website for specific pricing information.

The first available tranche is the private sale, which offers 50.000.000 Dyncoin tokens at a set price of €0.15 per token. Private sale participants will additionally be granted 50% additional bonus tokens.

Please contact for further token purchase information.