Peter Yeo Joins CPUcoin’s Advisory Board, Bringing Extensive Cryptocurrency Industry Experience from Singapore and Dubai

To Spearhead Partnerships With Leading Cloud Providers and Release Innovative Token Sale via New NFTBountyDAO Launchpad to help Drive CPUcoin’s Growth and Success

CPUcoin is excited to announce the addition of renowned cryptocurrency entrepreneur Peter Yeo to its Advisory Board. Based in Singapore and Dubai, Yeo brings extensive experience and expertise in the industry and is expected to play a crucial role in driving the company’s success.

Peter’s  career began as a solution architect in ERP megaprojects with Samsung , Toyota and Dentsu Aegis Network, dabbling in Bitcoin mining in 2009 when he mined 1,000 BTC from his internet cafe’s 300 PCs. In 2014, he founded Cloudmining SG, which utilized 1,000 ASIC Litecoin miners to power over 10% of the Litecoin and Dogecoin global hashrate.

In addition to his success with Cloudmining SG, peter co-founded XinFin XDC in 2017, raising 20 million USD in its initial coin offering (ICO) and obtaining an ADGM license a year later. As of 2021, XinFin XDC has a valuation of 7 billion USD and ranks 50th in market capitalization.

With Peter’s extensive experience in the industry, his addition to the CPUcoin Advisory Board is expected to drive the company’s growth and success. Peter’s company, NFTbountyDAO x, will initiate the fundraising for CPUcoin via NFTs, a new and innovative way to participate via asset backed NFT’s and provide a bounty for anyone who collects all the NFT’s in this minting.

Moreover, CPUcoin is working with Peter to create unique cloudmining offerings with leading tier 1 cloud hosting providers spearheading Web3.0 and Artificial Intelligence. This partnership will enable users to mine CPU with InstantOn™ Proof Of Productive Work configurations providing rewards while offsetting costs of traditional cloud services.

“We are delighted to welcome Peter Yeo to the CPUcoin Advisory Board,” said Sean Barger, Managing Director of CPUcoin. “His extensive experience and understanding of the ever-evolving cryptocurrency industry will be invaluable to our team and new initiatives.”

“When I looked at CPUcoin’s success thus far, their licensed technology and the team”, said Peter Yeo, Strategic Advisor at CPUcoin, “it became clear to me that they have a big head start on the creation of a true sharing economy of compute with battle-tested technologies. I knew this would be a perfect fit with my experience and contacts in the region.”

Peter’s involvement in other successful projects, such as Sparrow Exchange, highlights his understanding of the complexities of the cryptocurrency industry. With his addition to the Advisory Board he will negotiate new hybrid mining offerings in collaboration with leading cloud providers to dramatically expand CPUcoin’s Computing Global Network™ (CGN).

About CPUcoin: CPUcoin, a Cayman Foundation Company, is a platform that enables users to monetize their unused computing resources by mining CPUcoin’s via Proof of Productive Work (POPW). The platform leverages blockchain technology to securely and transparently distribute rewards to users for powering web 3 decentralized services such as next generation High Definition NFT’s and Generative AI. For more information, visit

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