The unique advantages of the CPUcoin decentralized CPU/GPU project

CPUcoin recently co-sponsored and presented at one of the world’s leading blockchain conference series, CoinAgenda Global in Las Vegas.
Key focus areas of the event included ICOs, cryptocurrency, regulatory and legal landscapes, and current investment trends.

One of the most frequently asked questions we received throughout the conference was how we differentiate ourselves from the other decentralized CPU offerings currently in the blockchain space.

In response to this question, we put together a technical competitive matrix which sums up how CPUcoin differentiates ourselves from Golem, Sonm, iExec and Perlin respectively.

Competitive Analysis

Some key differentiating factors of CPUcoin include:

  • Built-in customer to kick off the ecosystem
  • > 100,000 transactions per second
  • Suitable for decentralized services
  • Full support for real time work delivery
  • Resiliency towards potential miner downtime
  • Protects miners from inherent ecosystem risks
  • System automatically scales with increasing demand
  • Offers natural edge-computing support

CPUcoin also differs from similar projects due to our token model design, which shields IEO participants from market volatility.